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Welcome to my blog! I’m Angelina, a german medical doctor. I‘ve launched byangelina.com to share my experience about medicine with you.


I’d fallen in love with medicine long before I had my first anatomy lecture and I’m still mesmerized. When I’d found something fascinating in my medicine books or read about a new survey, I had wished to tell everybody about it. And then I’ve thought: Why not? Why don’t I tell everybody about what I learn or experience daily? Tell everybody what a new study has shown?


When I’ve started posting about my student life on Instagram, I was suprised, how many people liked my content and I’m still totally amazed, how quickly my account has grown.


Almost daily I get questions to widly different topics and by this blog I would like to take you in to my world, give you deeper going stories and more detailed answers to your questions.


My English skills are not the best, but I had also many questions from foreign students living all over the world who want to study oder work in germany, so I made this english version especially for you to smooth the way for you at least a little bit. (So feel free to correct me or tell me if I’m writing too complicated :))


So far I’m going to post an article every other sunday especially about medschool, health and fitness.


What would you like to read about? Just write in the comments below or send me an Email!







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    Karanbir Singh (Freitag, 20 Oktober 2017 18:42)

    Hi! I am an indian doctor graduated from ukraine with md Medicine in 2016 . Currently i am doing my internship in india but i would like to do specialty in anesthesia from germany . I have cleared my german B1 exam but i do not know or you can say proper information about the process.Can you please write about this ? This will be very helpful to me and other fellow doctors.
    Thank you

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    Angelina (Samstag, 21 Oktober 2017 16:25)

    Dear Karanbir Singh,

    Yes, I try to make an article about that topic. Going to be online at begin of December.
    If this is too late for you, don't hesitate to write me an Email: byangelina@web.de.
    Best regards,