How to get up early if you're not a morning Person


The alarm clock rings for the 5th time. You know exactly what it means when you press the snooze-button again: You're gonna have to get up all stressed out in order not to be late continue



How to Start STudying Medicine & Working as a Doctor in Germany as a Foreigner


I'm finally answering to the most frequently asked question! I’m going to explain to you, how you can start studying medicine or working as a medical doctor in Germany if you’re a foreigner continue



Starting Successful at University


The first step is always the hardest? The truth is: Yes, it is.  Unfortunately, at the beginning of my time in university there hadn't nearly been any useful blogs about studying, no how-to's, no valuable advices. As anyone of my family had ever studied, university had been completely new for me - I'd felt like Harry in Hogwarts - and I wish, I had known those following tips, because it would have made it so much simpler for me continue